High Jump is an academic enrichment program that serves motivated 7th and 8th grade students who are of limited economic means.

At High Jump, students take fun and challenging classes created to strengthen their math, reading, and writing skills as well as develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills—all to prepare them for high school and college success.  Students learn to get organized, make good decisions, discover new passions, and be a self-advocate.

High Jump students make a two-year commitment to attend our program, which includes an intensive six-week summer session and Saturday seminar classes that meet twice a month from September through April. Students enjoy the interactive classes, the field trips, and meeting other kids who are smart, creative, and love to learn.  They also participate in special events, including our overnight camping trip, Career Show & Tell and Academic Expo.

High Jump is a free program! Our mission is to provide high-quality educational experiences to students who have exhibited academic ambition but face limited opportunities due financial resources. All students receive instructional supplies, books, and healthy food.

Rigorous academics, leadership development, powerful networks, and high school choice are the pillars of High Jump’s program and our students’ success.


High Jump students are enrolled in elementary schools across the city and reflect the vibrant mix of Chicago’s neighborhoods and racial and ethnic backgrounds

  • They share a hunger to learn more, experience more and be more. They also share an uphill climb to fulfill their academic and leadership potential because of limited economic resources.
  • The bonds students form within High Jump’s powerful peer network inspire, support and propel them within and beyond High Jump.


We recruit students who are performing well (within the top 20% of their class) and seek a higher level of academic rigor and challenge.

  • We focus on finding students who are not already benefiting from advanced instruction, gifted and talented services or other forms of targeted academic challenge and support.

High Jump involves families in every aspect of High Jump – from application to High Jump, through teacher and parent communication and conferences, to our intense High School Choice process. We work hard to establish trusting relationships with families to support their children as they forge new, exciting and sometimes challenging pathways in life.


High Jump teachers lead small classes of students through rigorous coursework in core content areas emphasizing the development of key cognitive skills, positive academic mindsets, proactive learning strategies and leadership skills.

  • We have a maximum of 15:1 student to teacher ratio.
  • High Jump classes include math, physical and biological sciences, English, humanities, social sciences, learning and leadership skills and visual and performing arts.


High Jump teachers are professional educators who teach in a variety of public and private schools and colleges throughout Chicago.

  • Teachers are selected for their content area and instructional skill.
  • Teachers’ ability to challenge and motivate high performing students while maintaining strong teacher-student relationships is also an important factor.


High Jump Teaching Assistants are high school and college-age alumni of High Jump chosen for their ability to be positive and inspiring role models while providing comprehensive mentoring and tutoring for students. It’s a coveted and critical job in High Jump’s quest to foster academic skill and confidence and powerful peer and nearpeer networks.


During the eighth grade year, students and their families focus on high school selection.

  • High Jump provides high school admissions, financial aid and scholarship counseling for students and their families.
  • We require students to apply to a minimum of three high schools across public and private options.
  • During our annual High School Fair, students and their parents have an opportunity to meet with representatives from over 50 boarding, parochial, independent and public college preparatory schools from across the city and country.

For more information, please visit our FAQs.


High Jump • 59 W. North Blvd. Chicago, IL 60610 • 312.582.7700 • ask@highjumpchicago.org • Si tiene alguna pregunta o desea hablar con alguien en español, favor de llamar al 312.582.7700.