Inspire What's Possible

It is now more important than ever to build equitable learning opportunities for Chicago’s middle school students.

Each day brings unprecedented challenges, and High Jump is ready to serve as a guide and trusted resource for students and families through these uncertain times. Equipping students with the resources and support they need will have a profound impact on their lives.

Annas pic

“It’s because of High Jump that I’m here today getting to do what I’ve always wanted.”— Annas

High Jump gave Annas access to educational opportunities and experiences to get him to where he is now. Annas is currently a first year resident physician at Rush University Medical Center.

Why focus on middle school students?

Investment in our city’s youth means a brighter future for all. Chicago has over 3,400 sixth-grade students who are high-achieving despite the educational inequities they regularly confront. As the pandemic continues, academic achievement gaps will continue to widen.

According to UNESCO, “[School] closures compound educational inequities: economically advantaged families tend to have higher levels of education and more resources to fill learning gaps and provide enrichment activities to children who cannot attend school.”


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