Alumni Scholars

Once a Scholar, Always a Scholar.


Alums and counting

Every High Jump 8th-grade student works one-on-one with teachers and staff to ensure a right-fit high school selection that will support their needs and goals. We also work with students and their families on the high school admissions process, including financial aid and scholarship options.

Our high school and college-aged alums have many opportunities to stay engaged and connected to the High Jump community:

  • Returning as teaching assistants in our Scholars program
  • Summer enrichment programs that support the transition from elementary to high school
  • Workshops to support the college application process and SAT prep
  • Networking, job placement, and more for career development and growth

We provide opportunities for our high school and college-aged alums to stay engaged and connected to the High Jump community. Returning to the program as a paid Teacher’s Assistant, helps support new cohorts of High Jump Scholars while gaining invaluable real-world job experience.

Are you an alum who wants to get involved or connect with fellow alums?
Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Are you an alum interested in joining our Young Professionals Board?
Contact Jill Reid at [email protected] for more information.

The Impact is Lifelong: Meet Our Alums

The High Jump experience lasts much longer than just the two years of the program. Our alums take risks, achieve their dreams, and do their part to better the world – but don’t take it from us.

Read their stories.