High Jump Endowment


Expanding Capacity, Creating Opportunity– High Jump’s Endowed Fund for Program Growth and Innovation

Our programs effectively close the achievement and opportunity gaps for young people who have exhibited academic ambition and come from limited economic means. At High Jump, we help learners develop the skills they need to thrive wherever they go. Our curriculum exposes students to culturally relevant literature, rigorous math instruction, and experiential learning to help them prepare for high school, college, and beyond.


    Advanced math, science, literature, and humanities classes


    Emotionally supportive environment that teaches non-cognitive skills needed to be successful


    Support for high school applications, financial aid and scholarships

In 2022, High Jump scholars and alumni accomplished the following:


of High Jump scholars matriculated to rigorous top college prep high schools


of High Jump alumni graduated from high school


of High Jump alumni will be the first in their families to attend college

And for every year of High Jump, scholars’ math and reading test scores improve at almost twice the rate of the average middle school student nationally.

What will an Endowment help High Jump do?

✔ Sustain our growth and support our independence

✔ Grow to reach every eligible student in Chicago

✔ Be agile and responsive to opportunities for innovation

“We both grew up in families that greatly valued education as an essential pathway to the future and experienced firsthand the difference that the opportunities afforded by a quality education can make – not just for an individual student but for their whole family. In this moment where investing in the future of our young people has never mattered more, we would ask everyone to think about the role that education played in their own success and join us so that High Jump can serve more students who can get those same benefits and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.”


Georgy Ann and Bill Peluchiwski
Endowment Fund Matching Grant Donors

What will an Endowment help High Jump do?
This new fund will create the means for High Jump to be agile and responsive to opportunities for innovation to serve even more students. Over the next five years, expanding the Scholars program will help us reach more middle school students from more neighborhoods across Chicago. Building an endowment fund will create long-term financial security for High Jump, sustaining our growth, supporting our independence, and helping us be here for the next generation of students.

What is the long-term fundraising goal of the High Jump Endowment?
To raise $5M in funds over the next several years, representing two (2) times High Jump’s current annual operating budget. After $1M is raised, we will draw from the endowment to support our operational budget.

Is there a Challenge Gift?
Yes. The Peluchiwski family generously pledged $500,000 this fiscal year as an incentive to launch endowment giving.

  • $250,000 after gifts or pledges totaling $250,000 are received (challenge met!)
  • $250,000 after 100% of Board members have made their gift or pledge (target date: 6/30/2023)

Have questions, or want to learn more about making your Endowment gift? Please contact Jill Reid, Chief Advancement Officer, at [email protected].

When we say “invest” we truly mean it.

Each year our scholars receive 350 hours of tuition-free academic enrichment, one-on-one counseling and dedicated support.

The most important part: it works.


of academic growth per year of High Jump


of High Jump alums are now attending college