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photo of Michelle | High Jump Chicago

“High Jump equipped me with the skills to be successful as a learner, a leader and a person.”


Cohort 18

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

University of Michigan

Michelle decided to join High Jump because she wanted to challenge myself outside of the classes offered at my school. High Jump was a place where she felt that she could embrace her intellectual curiosity, stretch herself as a thinker and learn from a diverse community of scholars from all across Chicago. High Jump offered an unparalleled learning environment that helped her develop skills that she needed to be successful in high school and college. The teachers believed in her even when she did not believe in myself and they showed me all that she could contribute to the world. Michelle attended high school at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. She later graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science with distinction and Highest Honors in International Studies with a concentration if Global Health and is now attending the University of Michigan’s medical school.