High Jump Completes Tutoring Pilot Program


With generous funding from Jodi Steinberg and the Randhill Park Cemetery Association – Shalom Memorial Foundation, High Jump was able to pilot a tutoring program for high school-age alumni to help 10 eighth grade students improve their writing skills. It was an especially critical time for the eighth graders as they worked on their high school application essays. The program provided both individualized academic support and near-peer mentorship and proved to be a valuable experience for both the students and tutors.

Read what one of our students and tutors said were their biggest takeaways from the tutoring program:

“This tutoring experience has helped me understand and be more open to new things in education. It has allowed me to learn about different ideas that I can use in the future, for example, high school or applying to colleges. I think that this tutoring experience has been beneficial because not many kids have a lot of help, and mostly they are on their own. But this tutoring has been a great help.

I have never had any tutors in my life, to be honest. It was actually the opposite in some sort of way. I actually helped out my friends that needed help in their school work or anything generally. So, this really surprised me because not only did I find out new things that can help me out in the future related to education, but it made me learn and use those skills to help people with their schoolwork. Other than that, I think that this helped me a lot, and I appreciate the time that these tutors have spent and helped out these past Saturday sessions.”

Antonio, 8th grade student at Acero de las Casas

“Over the past two months, I have had the pleasure to participate in the High Jump tutoring program, and I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever been a part of. I believe that the program has not only benefited the students, but the tutors as well. Through the course of the program, I have seen the growth of the students not only through their writing, but through their personalities. The students have learned techniques and tricks to write an effective paper and through the process have gained confidence in their writing, and most importantly, themselves.

Along with the growth of the students, I have noticed how the program has helped me grow. The program has helped me learn the importance of giving back and has taught me how to develop a relationship with students younger than me. This program has shaped the students and tutors into better students and better people, and, for that, we are forever grateful!”

– Mauricio, High School Senior at St. Patrick Catholic School
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