Read about some of High Jump’s many success stories.

photo of Michelle | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 18

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

University of Michigan

“High Jump equipped me with the skills to be successful as a learner, a leader and a person.”

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photo of Ken | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 1

The Latin School of Chicago

Michigan State University

“I loved High Jump from the very beginning because it allowed me to use the energy I had been using for survival to work hard and succeed academically.”

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Roman | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 23

Lincoln Park High School, IB Program

Pomona College

“Thanks to High Jump, my future is brighter than ever.”

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photo of Nick | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 6

Brother Rice High School

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“From the curriculum to the friendships established, I always tell anyone who asks that the foundation for my success was High Jump.”

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photo of DJ | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 21

Francis W. Parker School

University of Chicago

“High Jump helped me pave the way to success and made my dream of going to a top high school a reality.”

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photo of Xiomara | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 19

Concord Academy

Northwestern University

“High Jump believed in my intelligence and taught me about the world beyond my own.”

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photo of Maria de Leon | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 22

Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center

Harvard University

“High Jump was a foundation for everything I’ve accomplished now and everything I will accomplish in the future. I wouldn’t have taken opportunities or risks if it wasn’t for the program.”

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photo of Richard Mboumbou | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 23

The Latin School of Chicago

Yale University

“High Jump gave me the tools to gain a world-class education.”

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photo of Heidi Ortolazar-Alvear | High Jump Chicago


Cohort 10

Robert Louis Stevenson School

Carleton College

“High Jump helped my family break the cycle of poverty. The program showed me that I deserved a good education and it is such a part of who I am.”

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