Young Professionals Board

Our Young Professionals Board (YPB) is committed to raising money and awareness and positively contributing to High Jump's mission.

YPB Chair

Alec Klimowicz
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign College of Law


Dilara Akgunduz Lesser
High Jump Alumni
West Monroe

John Banks
JEB Capital Partners

Tommy Elzinga
Boston Consulting Group

Jock Fullmer
Cornell University

Sara Kohler
West Monroe

Karlie Koultourides
Deloitte Consulting

Danielle Lavey

Emanuele Macchi
TransMarket Group

Hannah Mayer
Department of Justice

Michael Mont
ITE Management

Annas Rahman
High Jump Alumni
Rush Medical Center

Jason Riddell
Boston Consulting Group

Jalen Ross
Ellery Partners

Nathan Winning

Are you interested in joining or learning more about High Jump’s Young Professionals Board? Please reach out to Jill Reid at [email protected]