Words of Encouragement in 2018

In August we asked the High Jump community to send words of wisdom to encourage our current alumni who are starting out their high school and college careers. Here are some of the great messages we received from High Jump alumni, parents, staff members and supporters:

“You may not feel like you belong, you may not feel ready for your high school or college, and it may seem like you are alone, but remember that you are enough, that you are powerful, that your voice matters, and that your presence in any room is revolutionary. To be low-income, to be a student of color, to be an immigrant, a first generation American, a first generation college student- all of that is valuable, all of that is strength. Remember that. Fight for your place at your institution, fight for your resources, advocate for yourself, research and ask for opportunities, take classes outside of your major, ask questions, be a critical thinker, and don’t take things as is. Always reach back to your families, whether by blood, by friendship, or by organizations like High Jump. You have networks that are ready to support you when you need it. Don’t forget us and remember where you come from always.”

– Cohort 19 Alumna

“As you begin this new journey remember to always be yourself and be open as your world expands and grows. There will be challenges, but you’ve already gained so much power to push through them. Good luck!”

– Benjamin Serrano, Cohort 15 Alumnus

“Wishing you all the best as you start this new chapter in life! You have all the tools that you need to be successful, including the support of your High Jump family. You’ve got this!”

– Cohort 8 Alumna

“Remember to ask questions and also find out and use the resources that are available to you within and outside of your school or college.”

– Cohort 6 Alumna

“Keep up the good work! And remember: you are a reflection of yourself, your family, and us!!”

– High Jump Teacher

“High Jump set me on a path to success by challenging me academically and socially at an early age. Take advantage of this opportunity and set lofty and aggressive goals for yourself personally, academically and eventually in your career. The only thing that can hold you back from accomplishing those goals is YOU.”

– Cohort 4 Alumnus

“Don’t take this stage of life for granted. You have so much to learn and so many people to meet. You’re going to remember this as one of the best chapters of your life so soak it all in while you’re there!”

– Cohort 5 Alumnus

“Remember the foundation your parents, teachers and mentors have helped you build. Never lose sight of who you are or where you came from. Remember that you and many people before you have worked hard so that you can be where you are today. You belong where you are and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. Go work towards those goals and enjoy every part of your journey even the bumps on the road because those are meant to teach you a lesson.”

– High Jump Parent

“High school and college are both great for discovering your passions and interests and allow you the opportunity of pursuing them. Pull yourself away from your comfort zone and experience new things that you would not normally try. I am sure you will meet amazing people along the way that will become your friends for life. A new school with new classmates can present multiple challenges. Your goal should not be to avoid these challenges, but to face them head on. High Jump gave you the confidence in yourself to succeed in adversity, and you can put it into action as you enter unknown waters.

– Cohort 17 Alumna

“On Behalf of the Current 7th and 8th Graders and Staff at High Jump Latin Campus, we would like to give back and support those that set the pathway of success!! We wish you all the best on your new educational endeavor. You are more than capable and able in achieving. You are Awesome and Amazing!! You are High Jumpers!

– Lance Miller, High Jump Latin Campus Director

Read all of the inspiring words from supporters on High Jump’s Facebook page.

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