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Reflection Surveys Improve Virtual Programming

This summer has presented many new challenges that make continuous inquiry and analysis crucial to improving virtual programming for High Jump students.

Students, families, teachers, and TAs were surveyed regularly this summer.

Incorporating weekly surveys from students, families, teachers, and teaching assistants has provided reflections and feedback that reinforce what’s working and reveal areas of improvement. As we look to the Fall and beyond, surveys, focus groups, and committees that include alumni, teachers, campus directors, and parents will remain front and center in our approach. Our goal is to be nimble and respond quickly.

There is much work to do before returning to programming in the Fall. As we push through, we’ll lean on these words of encouragement:

“I am so appreciative of the chance to work with such an organized, student-centered organization. It’s phenomenal to be learning alongside so many talented, caring educators on how to provide effective, developmentally-appropriate, responsive online learning. Thank you for all that you are doing: I can only imagine how much time and effort you are putting into this, and it shows!” – Teacher, High Jump Summer Session

“I just wanted to acknowledge all the hard work of the staff, putting effort and love into our kids. [My child] is so excited and enjoying every day of the session. We are very grateful for everything 🙏. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Thanks again ❤️.” – Parent, High Jump Summer Session

“I am really happy with the opportunity I get in High Jump. Thank you all for everything here.” – Student, High Jump Summer Session

High Jump is just the beginning of a successful educational journey for many students. More than ever, we must continue to build equitable learning opportunities for Chicago’s middle school youth.

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